Conscious sexuality is only possible if we include and embrace all parts of ourselves, our desires and fantasies. Also the ones we like to keep locked away.


In the ...going deeper... edition of the Nourish your fire & embrace your shadows workshop, we will explore the depths of playing with archetypes, roles, goddesses and gods and go deeper into the qualities and characteristics of those. Working with that in my setting means, working with the qualities of the individual characters rather than working with gendered roles. That means you can experience whatever character you´d like with whatever gendered aspects you choose.


Do you want to explore the power of your fire and the dark sources of your erotic energy?


Do you want to recieve, give and hold power?


Or embrace your desire to hold power as the Magician or Witch?


Do you want to experience intimacy with intent and mindful touch?


Explore your fiery passion as goddess Pele or the cleansing, powerful quality of goddess Kali?


Would you like to experience the archetype of the Trickster, maybe as Faun?
Do you want to experiment with various sensations?







  • heart chakra bondage

  • breath work

  • tantric/intimacy exercises

  • mindful touch in pairs or groups

  • expression exercises

  • meditations on archetypes, roles, goddesses, gods, qualities

  • exercises/rituals around those archetypes

  • experiencing various sensations and/or pain


This is a safe space and a ritual space. Everything we do we do with awareness and care, we respect our own boundaries as well as those of others. We talk and listen from the heart, open ourselves up for real connection, stay in the present.
We will learn about the importance of consent, boundaries and intention as part of Conscious Sexuality and Kink.
Nudity is not required, but possible. Everyone is free to participate or refuse to participate in any activity.
Consent, safe play and self care/responsibility are obligatory for every participant.


Target groups: women and trans*people


Workshop fee (including tea & snacks):

Early bird (until November 5): 215€

Regular 249€

Come with a 2nd person and you pay 390€!


We will have delicious vegetarian/vegan lunch catering: please bring 20€ in cash for the lunch for both days.

Nourish your fire & embrace your shadows

If you have any questions or want to safe your spot write to until November 27, 2017.


Attention: Your spot can only reserved after transferred workshop fee.


IBAN: IBAN AT20 6000 0000 7466 2728 BIC:OPSKATWW


Name: Sara Ablinger


Tranfer reference: "Nourish your fire 12/2017"



Cancellation policy: cancellations two weeks prior to the workshop can be 50% refunded, cancellations 1 week prior to the workshop can not be refunded. Replacing participants can be announced.