Money & paying it forward

You pay first and foremost for the experience that you have with me, not for the number of minutes. The time includes all the elements that belong to an appointment: arrival, conversation and tea, immersion in the desired experience, decompressing and debriefing, reflection, and a gentle return to the everyday.


Home visits are usually doable as long as the conditions of your home are suitable, or rather if I can work with the conditions. A standard transit charge will be assessed for both the initial consultation and the home session.


Scroll down for information on the Pay-It-Forward model.




90 minute sessions: 135€ including taxes

120 minute sessions: 180€ including taxes

3 hour sessions and rituals on request



House visits: a fixed transit fee for house visits 30 Euro (up to and including 75 minutes round trip, 15 Euro for every additional 15 minutes) plus 30 Euro for initial consulation for a home visit (up to 1 hour). You´ll recieve a 15€ discount for the first session, if you book after that.


Social rate based on self-assessment: 20% off single sessions


5 Session Pass:

5 x 90 min sessions: 600€

5 x 120 min sessions: 800€



The term “paying it forward” refers to the concept of offering advance payment for the session(s) of another person, who might otherwise not be able to afford to pay on their own. The best known variation of this is the caffé sospeso, or the “suspended coffee”. A guest without financial means can ask for the “suspended coffee” and enjoy it in peace and quiet without having to deal with a shaming social situation.  In my space, clients should first ask about the availability of community funds. The status of the community fund will be published and updated on this page.


Paying it forward pot: 25€

Community Funding:

My business in the process of formation. Support is welcome. Please contact me if you would like to support my business. Thank you very much.