Spirals of Life - breathing, sensing, celebrating the body

"Working with Sara takes you into a space where you can feel trust and experience how it is to be held....deeply held so you can surrender and let go for releasing that subconscious pain that no longer serves you. We all suffer because of emotional pain, we just don't know how it looks like. Sara can with her tools awaken that in you. On the other side you will find the freedom - the freedom to be YOU!" ~ Maria A.

I offer space for self-exploration on the physical, energy-based, sensory, and spiritual levels. You can explore with me the joy of breath and movement; learn to perceive and enjoy your body through tantric work; and/or learn to appreciate your (fat) body, accept it as it is, and learn to love it.

If you want more joy in your life, access to your emotions, ecstasy, strength, stillness, or sensuality, then you have come to the right place!